Cheat Ninja Saga Happy Pets Terbaru Februari 2012

Cheat Ninja Saga Happy Pets Terbaru Februari 2012 , hahay udah lama gak share ninja saga cheat nih. Yang udah kangen ama NS bisa mengobati rindunya dengan sajian berikut ini.

Tool :

Cheat Engine (CE)

Tutorial :

1) Open Happy Pets
2) Select Firefox in Cheat Engine
3) Change value type to “Double”
4) Scan current amount of coins.
5) Spend some or earn some and NEXT SCAN new amount of coins.
6) 1 address returned else repeat step 5.
7) Change the value of this address to any amount you want.
Cheat Engine Experience Cheat
For this cheat you’ll need the Cheat Engine v5.5 or later, Mozilla Firefox and Flash player 9 or 10. This cheat is not guaranteed to work and cheating at a Facebook application could get your account banned. If you’d like to try, here are the steps you need to take:
1) Do something in Happy Pets that gains exp.
2) Select browser in cheat engine
3) Set 8bytes, hex, also scan read only mem
4) Scan “54438b744389c103″ Only 1 address returned. Disassemble it.
5) Right click the line “add eax,ecx” and select “change register at this location”
6) Tick ECX and insert “186A0″ as the value. You will now gain 100,000 exp points instead of 3

Waw, silahkan ditranslate sendiri Cheat Ninja Saga Happy Pets Terbaru Februari 2012 , moga work. 
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